Fishing summer and winter.

Kunes deep in the Laksefjordvidda offers great fishing opportunities for salmon, trout and char. Kunes Opplevelse og Handel undertakes to arrange and create the conditions for a successful experience. We are here for our customers and aim to give them good memories. So we’ll do the necessary licenses, lodging and more. We set up lavvo camps, arrange firewood and other necessities in the camp. When excluding personal equipment.

Celebrities guides are at your disposal. We can arrange pickup and drop off at the airport and make necessary purchases locally. You can enter additional services such as visits to places of interest in Finnmark, or you can purchase local food in unique surroundings.

The trips can last from 1 day to 1 week. The tours can be organized for those with chest hair or tough girls. It is obvious that this experience also offered the family and the needs that you need.

We will go to great lengths to come up with an offer for those who require special arrangements due to disability or handicap

Laksefjordvidda is the area in Norway that has the greatest density of water and it’s only fish with red fish meat. Big River has a clientele who prefer peace and quiet as well as excitement. Many have taken great river for over 25 years as their ‘home’ river even if they come from south Finland. Want to combine excitement with the great silence please contact us.

Laksefjordvidda Norwegian sport arena # 1