Laksefjordvidda has the largest density of trout and trout water. Here you come to a rolling countryside in an easy terrain. Laksefjordvidda extends to Gaiser in the south, at 1000 meters altitude.

Laksefjord is one of the two most pristine fjords of Norway. Hit its easy access to a rich natural environment that has made​its mark on the culture.

Here are some more nesting and a variety of birds and wildlife. Here we have several great rivers with salmon, trout and char.

Laksefjordvidda Norwegian sports arena No. 1

Storelva is a good salmon river. Is easily accessible and scenic. The river is controlled by the Kunes IFF.

Fishing season is from 15 June to 17 august.

Adamsfjord river with rivers on Laksefjordvidda make exciting opportunities for trout fishing.

An exciting landscape in geology and botany

It also exists karmitt, talc, graphite, potholes – asbestos and exciting conglomerates and more.

We have several cultural sites that reflect both the coastal and mountain Sami traditions. The area also contains memories for a multicultural environment showing immigration from Finland, trade towards Europe, Russia etc.